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Infinite Position

picture of an infinite position lift recliner

An infinite position lift chair is a highly versatile and customizable recliner designed to offer a wide range of reclining options and adjustments. Unlike 3-position lift chairs, which have a fixed number of reclining positions, infinite position lift chairs provide users with the flexibility to find the most comfortable and supportive posture for their unique needs.

Key features of infinite position lift chairs include:

  1. Infinite Recline Options:

    • As the name suggests, these chairs offer an infinite number of reclining positions between upright and fully reclined. Users can easily adjust the chair to find the perfect angle for activities such as reading, watching TV, napping, or simply resting in a preferred posture.
  2. Independently Adjustable Components:

    • Infinite position lift chairs often feature independently adjustable components, allowing users to control the position of the backrest, footrest, and sometimes even headrest separately. This level of customization ensures optimal support and comfort for different activities.
  3. Full Trendelenburg Position:

    • Some infinite position lift chairs also include a full Trendelenburg position, where the chair tilts to a position where the user's feet are elevated higher than their head. This position is known for promoting circulation and can be beneficial for certain health conditions.


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