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Kitchen Safety and Accessibility

There are many solutions to limited reach, hand and arm strength, dexterity, the ability to stand and height in the kitchen. Can mom or dad reach high above their head or pick up items on the ground? Are you concerned about your ability to grasp? What about height? As people age, they lose inches from their stature. They may also lose their ability to stand for long periods, or lose their ability to stand entirely. Many daily living tasks become disheartening for an aging adult without easy access to daily necessities.

Kitchen Solutions

  • Maneuvering space at doors: If an in-swinging door obstructs a bathroom or kitchen fixture, you can use offset hinges, swing the door out, hinge door on the opposite jamb or widen the doorway
  • Increase the number of electrical outlets for additional lighting and alarm indicators, especially in bedrooms
  • Clear floor space in the kitchen with a minimum 60-inch turning circle
  • Lever faucet
  • Handles, not knobs, on cabinets and drawers
  • Adaptable cabinets to reveal knee space
  • Easy-grip utensils
  • Accessible appliances
  • Reachers

Kitchen Assessment

Do you have trouble... Solutions to Consider

Accessing cabinets and appliances?

  • Moveable cabinets
  • Home modification for accessibility
Trouble gripping your utensils?
  • Easy-grip utensils
Standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time?
  • Compression stocking
Negotiating the transport of food or dishes to and from the table?
  • Walker trays and accessories

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