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Travel Seat + Cane

A cane with an attached seat is one of the mostwidely-used mobility solutions on the market to give freedom to peoplewith balance and mobility challenges, so they can care for themselvesand live independently. Customers say this walking tool is a must-havefor travelling as it is lightweight and easy to carry and provides idealbalance and walking assistance, and a quick place to sit for standingrelief. The easy-open collar slides the seat open and closed with littleeffort. The product is slim when folded and easy to put into a trunk orbackseat or even the overhead storage compartment of a plane.Thoughtful DesignThoughtful design goes into every productcreated by Juvo. Through thorough mobility marketplace research,working with occupational therapists who know what our customers need,and by empathizing with the people who use their products, Juvounderstands that the biggest concern of someone who has balance issuesis fear of falling. Juvo’s engineers then designed the Travel Seat +Cane from scratch. This cane chair is designed to provide peace of mindfor the user.  It provides the balance support of a cane and a temporary seat whenever a rest is needed.  

Prod Spec Prod Spec Value
Fabric 80% Nylon 20% Spandex
Great support Support for minor injuries up into severe
Machine washable Air dry or machine-dry
Stylish Eye-catching garment simple & elegant
Comfort Reinforced, wider seat for more comfort
Convenient Easy-open collar slides seat open and closed with little effort
Weight 250 lb. maximum capacity
Dimension Lightweight, yet sturdy 7/8” aluminum tubing

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