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StarLock Wheelchair Cushions

It is said that multi-celled air cushion technology is the best proven system for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. By greatly decreasing peak pressures, blood flow is maintained for tissue viability. The advancement of the Starlock goes several steps further by addressing three basic issues that in the past, many have viewed as a compromise when using multi-celled air cushions...Positioning, Stability and Transfers. With the Starlock, there is no compromise! The Starlock achieves this with unique “Cell Locking Technology.” Instead of adding valves to the cushion for dual-zone or four-zone cushioning, the Starlock locks up each air cell into the desired position. By this “locking action” all three of these concerns are answered...while still maintaining soft, flexible air cells for overall tissue maintenance.StarLock® Cushion Features: Available in 5", 4", 3" and 2" Contour cell heights to better accommodate your seating and positioning needs. Variable air flow control provides versatility when addressing hard to fit clients. The StarLock cushion can perform as a single valve cushion offering you the highest level of skin protection, and can provide locking of each cell to provide for high end positioning and stability. "CELL LOCK TECHNOLOGY" allows you to easily address asymmetrical seating issues. "CELL LOCK TECHNOLOGY" allows you to isolate individual air cells, and customize with “no contact” areas without the added expense of an actual custom cushion. "CELL LOCK TECHNOLOGY" provides added protection in those cases of accidental cell damage. When locked, only air from damaged cell(s) lose air, not the entire cushion or compartment. The attached bulb pump only operates air pressure in the "Lock Pockets" at the base of the cushion providing you quick and easy access to change positions, increase stability, and customize to your particular seating situation. The blue safety valve insures that settings will not be changed once set. The ability to isolate air flow between cells enhances stability and assists in transfers and overall posture or trunk control. Maintains skin integrity by providing a therapeutic, low pressure, low shear, low friction seating environment. Light weight, weighing approximately 3 pounds/1.36 kilograms. Available in Pediatric and Adult Sizes. Comes complete with fitted cover, hand pump and repair kit. Designed of high quality, flame resistant, latex free neoprene rubber.

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