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EMS 5.0 - DE5030

EMS 5.0 - Analog EMSEMS 5.0, Caution: This is a Class II Medical device and Federal law Restricts this device to sale by or on the order a Physician.  Contains: 4/pk E1F1515TC2, 1-9 volt battery TA9050-I, 2/pk WW3005 leadsElectrotherapyEMS 5.0 Muscle StimProduct Features:The EMS 5.0 Muscle Stim Analog Unit is designed for personal use, however it is strong enough to be used in an office setting. The EMS unit uses electrical impulses to contract and relax muscles helping those who experience muscle tension in the upper back and neck areas. Can be used to regain muscle strength after surgery or being in a cast. The EMS unit is portable and may be clipped to a belt, shirt, pocket or other clothing.• System includes device, lead wires, four self-adhesive reusable electrodes, 9-volt battery, hard plastic carrying case and instruction manual• 105 mA strong• Power Source: 9-volt battery• Channel: Dual, isolated between channels• Pulse Width: 250 microseconds• Pulse Rate: 5, 30, 100 Hz• Pulse Ramp: 1, 3, 5 seconds• Pulse Amplitude: Adjustable, 0-80 mA• Contraction Control: 1-30 seconds• Relaxation Control: 1-45 seconds• Wave Form: Asymmetrical Bi-Phase Square Pulse• One year warranty

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